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Our Winemaking Story

Winemaking Philosophy

Our winemaking philosophy is one that originates from our wine maker Cody Seelye, he began researching wine making in 2014 and decided to try his hand at it in a small way that soon became a passion, he uses his vast knowledge of science and chemistry along with this love and knowledge of plants to produce some very good quality wines. We produce not only very fine grape wines but will be producing some excellent fruit wines that you won’t find in a lot of wineries. Keep an eye on us as we grow, experiment, and bring to market some very unique wines that are sure to please your palette.


Our small onsite vineyard is currently being established and has four varieties of grapes planted in it. Gewürztraminer, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Viognier, & small amounts of Pinot Noir, & Cabernet Franc. Our Estate vineyard is is owned and operated by R.G. Shepherd Vineyards. The current vineyard is being used as a test vineyard to see what will grow and produce well in our area.

Exclusive Wines

Our wines are unique in that we are currently sourcing our grapes from vineyards throughout the region, including, California, Oregon, & Washington. This gives us the ability to produce many different varieties and styles of wines to suit almost any palette. We have the ability to create a custom wine for you upon request. Ask us about details and keep an eye on our future offerings as we will have a lot of new wines being introduced in the future.

Winery Events

We are still in the construction phase of our winery and do not have an onsite tasting room. We will however be teaming up with some local businesses and events to showcase our products down the road so check back here often for updates on where to find us next. As always you can contact us either here or through Facebook to purchase or request your favorite wines. If we don’t have what you want, contact us and we will look at future requests to determine what products to bring to market next.

Wine is the essence of joy….We laugh more, dance more, talk more, enjoy more!

“In Vino Veritas”

making process

From Vineyard to Bottle

We practice sustainability in our vineyard and winery operations. We believe in being good stewards of the land which in turn produces a good crop of organically grown grapes. Once those grapes get to the winery we take special care with every batch to make the best possible wine we can with each variety of grape.

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